Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our House

We are applying for a new puppy and we live too far away for a convenient home visit. So here are photos of our home so they can get an idea of where we live. 

Thanks for considering our family for a new pup!

40107 Chelsea Ct, Palmdale, CA 93551 

View from front door. 

View of front door from in the family room and kitchen. 

View from back of kitchen into family room. There is a guest room, bathroom and laundry room behind me in this pic. But they are not pictured. 

Upstairs play room.
Upstairs hallway. 4 rooms, 3 baths, and the playroom on this level. If you need to see more of these rooms let me know. I will send pics.  

Bradley's room. 

Master bedroom. 

View of yard from the master window. 

 This is the side yard where the dogs do their business. We clean it every Saturday/Sunday. They are trained to do their "Hurry ups, on the side."
Portland loves a good stick to chew! She prefers them to bones etc.

Let me know if there is anything else you need! Here is a pic of our family we took last weekend:

A pic from last spring hiking together:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bday Movies!!

Luke's First Cake.. I think he loved it!!

Playing with the balls! Everyone loved it!

Thanks everyone for your great gifts!!

Pool party!! Brad is so in love with the pool!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Brad and Luke Video update!

Here are some Luke videos ranging from 3 to 4 months!!

this is one of those times where I thought for sure he was ready to sleep...
All smiles

Bradley's preschool christmas Party! We sang Jingle Bells before Santa came. Brad is on the left side with his back to the side.

Then Santa came!! And brought each kid a present! (Bradley's was second to last and I was sweating that somehow his present had gotten lost!)

 Santa brought Brad...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disneyland Halloween!

On a whim we decided to try and see if we could get in the last Mickey's Halloween Party before it ended. Really, after Brian woke up Monday morning I rolled over and said I wanted to go to the party and he enthusiastically said okay!
Tickets were sold out when we arrived, but later in the day we found out we could try and purchase unclaimed tickets in the park after 6 pm. We were third in line and we made it! I'm SO glad we did. We brought our costumes and everything!

 Brian was pretty excited to meet Phineas and Ferb. He really wanted a pic with Agent P but these guys were good. Phineas really liked my hair and Ferb is doing a Buzz light year pose. Brad didn't get it and was pretty mesmerized by the two characters.

 Brad was happy to meet Jessie! Jessie seemed less than thrilled about my costume this year..

 We went to a dance party with Buzz! The Green Army Men and Buzz girls were having a dance party when evil Emperor Zurg stole all the power cells for our party. Luckily Buzz Lightyear! came to save us! Then he stayed and started dancing with everyone! Brian said he had good moves and did the running man along with a few other break dance moves!

This is the boys trick or treating. Here they have "Trick or Treat Trails" where there are a few stations in a row and you follow a little trail to get to all of them. This was by far Brad's fave part of the night. He wanted to "ticrtr" all night long.

We also saw the fireworks show (which had a special flying guest!) and we watched the mini parade or Cavalcade as they called it. I would say overall the parade was way better in Disneyworld, but the rest of everything else was pretty equally fun in Disneyland. The fireworks show was WAY better in Disneyland.

We had two tuckered kids by the end of the night. Lucky me, Luke woke up at his normal 7:30 am time. The rest of the family slept in the next day. We had a great time.

Side note- apparently if you go trick or treating at disney you must be Buzz. No other costume will do. I have a feeling we will be wearing these costumes again next year.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bath Time!

Luke was smelly. Very smelly.
So we gave him a much needed bath! Bradley was very excited to help and a pretty good helper too. I'm sorry that Daddy missed Luke's first big bathtime bath, but at least we got a cute video! This is my first slightly chunky baby. So it was a new challenge to get all his little crevasses cleaned out. After a bit Brad couldn't stand it any more and hopped in the tub too. What a helpful big bro.

Enjoy the video!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New House... we hope

We've been trying to purchase this house for a little over 3 weeks now, so we didn't want to share any photos because things weren't looking good at many points. But now we have a closing date, I think it would be okay to share our pics with our family. (side note-I haven't given this blog out to friends, you can if you want to. I figure mostly I post the things only family really cares to see, but it is public because I don't like private blogs.. no one ever checks them. But when I post a movie of my new boy wiggling around for 5 min, not many people, other than family, will find that movie endlessly thrilling like me.)

okay okay onto the photos!


ta da.

There are captions that help explain the photos on the upper right of the screen - which is not the most logical place for a caption.

We are pretty excited, and I for one am very anxious to just get in this house! Can anyone guess why???? My best estimate at this point is we will be in there 3 weeks before I'm due... yay. At least we will hopefully make it before my due date!

(this is stephanie, not Brian posting.. my google albums are full and I'm a baby about deleting photos so Brian suggested I use his! This will probably happen a lot.)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Target Registry

I decided that I would put together a quick registry of the last few things we need before the new baby comes. So I found the baby sling I wanted and registered with who ever carried it. Turns out Target carried the one I like! Convenient!

Target Registry
Okay not eeeeverything is a "need" on the list. But I felt dumb listing three items, so I found a few other items that would be nice. The needs are - Baby Monitors, Ear Thermometer, and a sunshade for the car (it doesn't need to be this one specifically). All else is "nice stuff" and is mostly found only on the website, not in stores. So they are mostly ideas rather than exact things we need/want.

Love you all!!

ps this is not a solicitation for more gifts, just a few ideas for those who asked.