Monday, March 21, 2011

Hope for Japan

This is our small attempt to help a huge disaster. Heidi and I are selling these pendants and donating all the proceeds to relief efforts for Japan. Have a blog? Post this button/link and share the Hope!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Week Last Year

 I cannot believe how much Bradley has grown! Just one year ago at this time we weren't even contemplating solid foods. But a year later, and I'm sitting here thinking how fun it will be to celebrate Peanut Butter Day with Brad! (Sandwiches are all the rave in our house right now.)

 But last year... I think I was just starting to realize the potential fun around this age. 3ish months old, out of the cry alllll the time phase, but not in any other real horrible phase yet.

I guess we were still in the "it is hard to fall asleep by myself" phase. But really, I thought life was just beginning to get fun. He smiled, he giggled sometimes, he liked laying down and playing with a few toys. Fun stuff!

I had no idea how much more fun Bradley could be. He has the sweetest personality, and he loves to be a BOY! He is into airplanes and cars. He loves building blocks. He loves taking all the kid dvds out and spreading them around the craft room. He LOVES the old box of cds I gave him and has endless fun shoving them into the broke dvd/vhs player that I cleverly keep next to the real dvd player. Total decoy- I'm a genius.

Now I change my mind daily, but today... Toddlers are way more fun than babies!

However, tomorrow when Brad dumps out the puppy food after dunking elmo in the puppy water, and then begins to color on my scriptures with a pencil (which were the events of last night) I may change my mind back to: Babies are easier than toddlers. We'll see.