Friday, May 18, 2012

Target Registry

I decided that I would put together a quick registry of the last few things we need before the new baby comes. So I found the baby sling I wanted and registered with who ever carried it. Turns out Target carried the one I like! Convenient!

Target Registry
Okay not eeeeverything is a "need" on the list. But I felt dumb listing three items, so I found a few other items that would be nice. The needs are - Baby Monitors, Ear Thermometer, and a sunshade for the car (it doesn't need to be this one specifically). All else is "nice stuff" and is mostly found only on the website, not in stores. So they are mostly ideas rather than exact things we need/want.

Love you all!!

ps this is not a solicitation for more gifts, just a few ideas for those who asked.

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