Saturday, May 19, 2012

New House... we hope

We've been trying to purchase this house for a little over 3 weeks now, so we didn't want to share any photos because things weren't looking good at many points. But now we have a closing date, I think it would be okay to share our pics with our family. (side note-I haven't given this blog out to friends, you can if you want to. I figure mostly I post the things only family really cares to see, but it is public because I don't like private blogs.. no one ever checks them. But when I post a movie of my new boy wiggling around for 5 min, not many people, other than family, will find that movie endlessly thrilling like me.)

okay okay onto the photos!

ta da.

There are captions that help explain the photos on the upper right of the screen - which is not the most logical place for a caption.

We are pretty excited, and I for one am very anxious to just get in this house! Can anyone guess why???? My best estimate at this point is we will be in there 3 weeks before I'm due... yay. At least we will hopefully make it before my due date!

(this is stephanie, not Brian posting.. my google albums are full and I'm a baby about deleting photos so Brian suggested I use his! This will probably happen a lot.)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Target Registry

I decided that I would put together a quick registry of the last few things we need before the new baby comes. So I found the baby sling I wanted and registered with who ever carried it. Turns out Target carried the one I like! Convenient!

Target Registry
Okay not eeeeverything is a "need" on the list. But I felt dumb listing three items, so I found a few other items that would be nice. The needs are - Baby Monitors, Ear Thermometer, and a sunshade for the car (it doesn't need to be this one specifically). All else is "nice stuff" and is mostly found only on the website, not in stores. So they are mostly ideas rather than exact things we need/want.

Love you all!!

ps this is not a solicitation for more gifts, just a few ideas for those who asked.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sword Play

Apparently anything can be a sword.
However only boys can play. All attempts I've ever made have ended with mom getting smacked in the head. I learned this one night as I watched brad and dad battle while dad read on his phone. How is it possible for them to play like this for 20+ min and after less than 5 min I am injured, annoyed, and refusing to continue?
As Brian so sweetly put it, "your a girl, duh."

Oh I forgot.