Friday, June 4, 2010

Good scoot'in

6.5 months and counting

I offloaded my Cannon, so these are all pics from the last month.
The first photo kills me. What a little smirk!

It also so happened that Bradley decided to start officially scooting today. It had happened sporadically in the last few months- he would scoot an inch or two. But today... feet! Multiple feet!! Once he figured out it was "okay" to go backwards he was into it. I think it was kinda confusing at first, he would try so hard and scrunch his bum in the air and then end up further away. With lots of encouragement he was okay with it after a while.

I guess I need to start looking at my house from his perspective to see all the interesting things there are to scoot to.

Trying so hard to scoot forward!

Hey what happened?!

Oh! I moved! Cool mom!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

soooo close

I haven't had much time to upload videos lately, but I have to post this!

He started doing little bum push-ups this morning! Grandmas you had better start baby-proofing!! I would bet that he is crawling in August for sure!