Friday, December 14, 2012

Brad and Luke Video update!

Here are some Luke videos ranging from 3 to 4 months!!

this is one of those times where I thought for sure he was ready to sleep...
All smiles

Bradley's preschool christmas Party! We sang Jingle Bells before Santa came. Brad is on the left side with his back to the side.

Then Santa came!! And brought each kid a present! (Bradley's was second to last and I was sweating that somehow his present had gotten lost!)

 Santa brought Brad...


  1. Oh Steph thanks so much! These are so sweet! They just made my day! Love you guys!

  2. Number 1- I started crying, more silently smile weeping, during the fist video of Luke cooing. Oh my heart. I think that is what I love and miss the most about baby Bladen, the baby sounds and cooing.
    Number two- I continued to cry during Luke's laughs. They are so sweet! What a complete sweetheart! I love him so much, SO much!
    Number 3-The little lip pout is beyond cute and sad. He looked so concerned. =)

    Number 4- I love Brad. And I also love that Brad shooshed another kid at the end of the Jingle Bells video. hahaha.

    I love your babies so much!